Safety Policy COVID-19

Our guest’s safety and peace of mind is extremely important to us!

We aim to reduce to the absolute minimum any potential risk of infection and have therefore decided to implement a very restrictive policy on our property until the pandemic is under a better level of control.

This is what you can expect:

  • We only host a single group of jointly traveling guests at the same time; this can impact the availability of the room you wish and we might assign you a different one to comply this safety policy;
  • The rooms assigned to you will not have been used for at least three days;
  • Before your arrival the room will be disinfected and treated with an Ozone purifying device;
  • We will not access your room unless it is really important and explicitely agreed / requested;
  • We will replace beddings generally once / week;
  • Replacement towels will be left in front of the room entrance and used ones can be place in foreseen containers outside the room;

This policy is valid until further notice, but at least until October 2021. Should significant circumstances occur that allow us to ease the rules (e.g. introduction of vaccination passes) we will timely inform you;

Thanks for your understanding.

Stay and travel safe!